AY Makun begs Nigerians to quit criticizing Alex Iwobi

AY Makun begs Nigerians to quit criticizing Alex Iwobi

Nigerian comedian and actor, AY Makun has publicly appealed to the critics of Super Eagles’ star, Alex Iwobi, highlighting the detrimental consequences of cyberbullying.

The Super Eagles footballer had to delete his Instagram account due to constant criticism from Nigerians, who came after him.

AY Comedian

In response, AY Makun shared images of Alex Iwobi’s role in the Super Eagles’ success in qualifying for the African Cup of Nations along with an explanation of the adverse repercussions of cyberbullying.

He bemoaned the mistreatment of Alex Iwobi by Nigerians and questioned why people were always perplexed as to why other Nigerian international stars declined to represent their nation.

The comedian urged Nigerians to stop criticizing the footballer and send love to him instead.

AY Makun’s lengthy appeal to Nigerians on behalf of Alex Iwobi

His words: “Anyone can become a victim of cyberbullying. Malicious information posted on the Internet can spread far and wide at an instant, and it is always difficult to be deleted completely. The immediacy of the spread makes it hard for victims to defend themselves or take precautions. The harm caused by cyberbullying is always ignored by computer or mobile phone users.

It is so sad to see how you all have exhibited various forms of cyberbullying on a young man whose only crime was to come and represent his father land. Tomorrow, you all will still be wondering why the likes of Saka and others are never going to play for Nigeria?

It’s time to think beyond your personal interests and look at the negative effects of your evil actions. Let’s help promote a culture of care and respect on the Internet and prevent cyberbullying. Kindly share a ❤️ for @alexanderiwobi on this post.

NOTE: Dear Fair weather and forgetful fans. The different slides are designed to refresh your selfish memories.”


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