Phyna reveals why she hate Nigerians

Phyna reveals why she hate Nigerians

Phyna reveals why she hate Nigerians
Phyna reveals why she hate Nigerians

Reality Tv star Phyna has recently taken to social media to express why she does not like her country people.

She expressed that she wants to be South African while further stating that if any country was interested in having her as a citizen, she was willing to apply.

She went on to stress on the fact that most Nigerians did not like her and so she was only returning the energy. However, she did congratulate Super Eagles for their win in yesterday’s football match.

Now recall that her statement is coming after Reality TV star Ike Onyema had expressed that South Africans should give Nigerians Tyla and take Pere Egbi or Phyna in exchange.

Now also recall that just before last year ended, Phyna had shared a quick PSA to her fans and followers on her next move. She revealed that in the year 2024, she was going to have more dogs and cats than human beings as she declared her intentions to pursue a fresh start.

Also, about a week ago, Phyna had boldly told her colleagues that she was the blueprint. She declared that she was the one that gives other people ideas and the person that others come to take ideas from.

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