“Nothing belongs to us” – Yul Edochie goes philosophical

“Nothing belongs to us” – Yul Edochie goes philosophical

Controversial actor, Yul Edochie goes philosophical as he drops food for thoughts on spreading love.

The Nollywood actor, who has been facing marital crisis since taking a second wife, took the time out to implore folks to spread love.

Yul Edochie spreading love
Yul Edochie.

According to him, everyone in life is living on borrowed time, and nothing really belongs to anyone.

He noted that in due time, everything vanishes and we would ultimately have to leave everything back on earth.

Because of that, Yul Edochie urged people to spread love and see their neighbors with affection.

Yul wrote …

“We’re all living on borrowed time. it’s difficult for us to accept but it’s the truth.

Borrowed life, borrowed money, borrowed houses, borrowed fame, borrowed cars, borrowed everything.

Nothing really belongs to us.

In due time we will leave everything behind & journey on. Let’s spread love.

Love God, love your fellow human being.”

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