“Because I posted candle” – Ngozi Ezeonu addresses rumours of her death

“Because I posted candle” – Ngozi Ezeonu addresses rumours of her death

Veteran Nollywood actress, Ngozi Ezeonu refutes the rumours surrounding her death while issuing a strong warning to those responsible for spreading such unfounded information.

In response to the rumours, the actress disclosed that she has been flooded with numerous calls and messages from concerned individuals seeking verification of the circulating reports regarding her alleged demise.

Ngozi Ezeonu

Expressing her frustration, she revealed that rumour mongers had even gone to the extent of falsely claiming that her son had announced her “death.”

Emphasizing that certain matters should not be exploited for the sake of garnering attention or followers, Ngozi Ezeonu cited the false news of her “death” as a prime example.

The esteemed actress, renowned for her significant contributions to the Nigerian film industry, utilized her platform to set the record straight and urged the public to dismiss the groundless rumours.

While the origins and motives behind these false claims remain unclear, her forthright and resolute response conveys a clear message that she will not tolerate the dissemination of such baseless and negative information.

Maintaining good health and dedicating herself to her acting career, Ngozi remains focused on her passion, contributing continuously to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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