“Please, I want to date you”

“Please, I want to date you”

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, professionally known as Wizkid“>Wizkid, captured attention on social media with a recent video.

In the video, he stopped at an undisclosed location, warmly greeted and hugged some ladies, all while wearing expensive clothing and accessories, including an exquisite neck chain.

Please I want to date youWizkid, begs to date him, even if it’s just for ‘5 seconds'” width=”739″ height=”415″ />
Nigerian singer, Wizkid.

Throughout the interaction, the singer wore a constant smile and was even complimented for smelling delightful.

Shortly after the video surfaced online, a Nigerian lady took to the comment section, expressing her desire to date Wizkid with a simple plea: “Abeg even if na for 5 seconds, I want to date Wizkid please.”

See some reactions below: 

Laura: “Abeg even if na for 5 seconds 🥺I want to date Wizkid please.”

Kelvinevanboy: “Please I want to date Wizkid please.”

frankivt: “na this guy una use de compare Davido,😳 una de ment, big wiz for life, no cap.”

July: “Abeg waiting she talk I no too understand ENGLISH.”

Flixwizzy: “Celeb way pass celeb….I call him popsy for a reason. I too respect you.”

nazzypretty:Wizkid to fresh… fine guy….their fave can never…always looking younger.”

user3841548430248: “Tell me y i no go still dey date my crush, some people fans no go dey see well ooo🤣🤣funny people of D.”

Bliss: “Heavy on BLESSINGS 😂😂why I no go luv this man , wen my name no wan finish for him mouth.”

its_modystar: “uche is blushing , Omo wiz star power is on a different level , celebrity to celebrities.”



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