“Look for those you grew up with and help them”

“Look for those you grew up with and help them”

Veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has shared advice with the public as he gifts an old friend he used to dig pit latrines in the past.

The seasoned actor posted a video of himself with some family members while cooling off in his village.

KOK continued by revealing that one of the men—the one seated next to him—had been his partner in their early days of hustle. He remembered digging pit latrines for people.

The Kanayo underlined how important it is for people to constantly watch out for their childhood friends, regardless of whether they are superior to them or wealthier than them.

"Look for those you grew up with and help" - Kanayo says, gifts friend he dug pit latrines with during his early days money
Kanayo O. Kanayo. source: Google

He went on to give the man some cash which left him super-excited as he appreciated KOK for the kind gesture.

Captioning the video, he wrote:

“Look out for those you grew up with.
Chased rats and did menial jobs with.
You may have grown richer than them or in better health. Thank God.
Don’t celebrate them in death.
Look out for them and offer some help. At all, at all an him bad.
God is waiting for you in 2024 to do that,
as a thanksgiving for your continuous elevation.
It is called HUMANITY
Ya gazie
Ihe Mbaise ji ka Mba.”

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