“Some people are really quiet”

“Some people are really quiet”

Reality star Venita Akpofure has taken to her Twitter page to throw shades at Vee Iye after a Neo and Beauty linked up.

Recall that Vee Iye disclosed in a recent podcast that she won’t forgive Venita, the cousin of her ex-boyfriend, Neo even if she apologizes publicly to her. 

Vee opened up on why her relationship with Neo failed and how Venita played a big role in the crush of their relationship.

Neo and Beauty Tukura have been trending on social media after a video of them together at an event popped up weeks after Neo denied being in a relationship with the reality star.

"Some people are really quiet" - Venita shades Vee after Neo and Beauty linked up
Venita Akpofure, reality star. source: Google

The video has made Venita take to her page to throw shades at Vee over her silence on Twitter over the recent video of her ex-boyfriend Neo and Beauty.

She tweeted, “Some people are very very quiet today…”

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