“I’ll humble you the way Groovy dumped you”

“I’ll humble you the way Groovy dumped you”

The ongoing online feud between BBNaija’s Phyna and the controversial therapist, Blessing CEO appears to be escalating with each passing day.

In the latest intense saga, Blessing addressed the conflict with Phyna in a live video on Instagram after the BBNaija star blasted her parents.

blessing ceo

Expressing her reluctance to involve family in disputes, Blessing Okoro revealed that Phyna had crossed a line by bringing her mother, father, and innocent children into the argument.

Blessing strongly criticized the BBNaija ex-housemate, claiming that she had been in significant distress since her breakup with fellow BBN star, Groovy.

Drawing comparisons between their family situations, she boldly alleged that Phyna’s father lacked substantial employment and was only involved in transporting deceased individuals.


Accusing Phyna of making false claims about her status, Blessing vehemently asserted that Phyna shouldn’t be deceived by her fans and labelled her as financially unstable.

She recounted Phyna’s life before Big Brother, insinuating that sympathy led to her receiving a ring.

“Hey.. Phyna I don cut my hair tint am gray because of you as old woman wey I be. You go no where saga just dey start.
I go drag u till those innocent children wey u commot appear to you in your sleep. ImU say u dey razz, I go show u razz 🤣🤣🤣. U say u dey loud ur mouth dey run I go humble u the way groovy take humble u by dumping u .U don jam tipper,” she captioned the video.

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