Traditionalist calls out Tope Alabi over use of sacred slang

Traditionalist calls out Tope Alabi over use of sacred slang

Renowned gospel singer Tope Alabi has found herself embroiled in controversy after a traditionalist called her out for using a sacred slang associated with idol worship during one of her ministrations.

The traditionalist claims that the greeting, “Aboru Aboye,” is exclusively used by practitioners of idol worship, particularly members of the Ogboni confraternity.

"You are part of us" - Traditionalist calls out Tope Alabi over use scared slang during ministration (Video)
A photo of gospel singer Tope Alabi being called out by a traditionalist. Photo credit: @Tobialaabi Source: Instagram

During a recent performance, Tope Alabi incorporated the phrase “Aboru Aboye” into her song, which immediately caught the attention of the traditionalist community.

In response to the incident, the traditionalist expressed their disappointment and accused Tope Alabi of appropriating their sacred greeting.

He highlighted that the use of “Aboru Aboye” is reserved for specific contexts and is not casually used by individuals outside the traditionalist community.

According to the traditionalist, when greeted with “Aboru Aboye,” the appropriate response is “Aboye Bosise.”

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