Kess and Chomzy applaud Phyna amidst heated rant

Kess and Chomzy applaud Phyna amidst heated rant

Amidst the tension that arose during the BBNaija Reunion show, former housemates, Kess and Chomzy throw their weights behind the winner of the season 7 show, Phyna.

It is recalled that during the conclusion of the BBNaija reunion show, Phyna, the winner of the show edition publicly expressed her frustrations both at her fellow housemates and the show organizers.

BBNaija season 7 winner, Phyna Unusual. Credit: Phynaunusual / Instagram.

She alleged that there were irregularities and manipulation of the aired show which gave her the impression of being deliberately set up.

In response, some of her colleagues, namely Kess and Chomzy, have come forward to support Phyna’s account and affirm the accuracy of her statements.

sir kess
Fellow ex-housemate of the season 7 show, Sir Kess. Credit: Sirless_official / Instagram.

Kess wrote in a tweet, “Most of my colleagues are A** kissers. They will never say the truth.. As far as I know, listen to what Phyna is saying. Truth Dey inside.”

Reality star, Chomzy. Credit: Thechomzy / Instagram.

Additionally, Chomzy acknowledged that the BBN video had been edited and trimmed in favour of certain viewers.

“Nice cut and join,” she wrote in an Instagram story post.

Fans are, however, remains divided as many lambasts Phyna for saying too much while others stand with her for stating her peace.

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