“I am reporting a threat to my life”

“I am reporting a threat to my life”

Nollywood actor Damola Olatunji has taken to social media to share his concerns regarding an alleged threat to his life.

Through an Instagram post, the actor disclosed an unsettling encounter with a woman while in London, where she whispered ominous words into his ear, leaving him fearful for his safety.

"I am reporting a threat to my life” - Damola Olatunji cries out
A photo of Nollywood actor Damola Olatunji, who cries out over life threat. Photo Credit:@damolaolatunji Source: Instagram

In his Instagram post, Damola Olatunji revealed that during his time at a train station in the city of London, an unknown woman approached him.

Placing her hands on his shoulder, she whispered unsettling words, stating that if she becomes involved with Damola, it would come at the cost of his life.

He wrote;

“I am reporting a threat to my life. A woman looked at me at the train station in the city of London, put her hand on my shoulder, and whispered into my ear “Ti mo ba ki yin mole, emi yin a fe bo”.
What does that mean because I am afraid o? Should I call DSS and the Police? But for now, I am running

The incident left Damola visibly shaken, prompting him to question whether he should report the incident to the police due to his growing fear.

Expressing his distress, he sought clarification from his followers regarding the meaning of the woman’s cryptic statement, hoping for some guidance in navigating this unsettling situation.

See below;

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