DJ Chicken spotted in church after turning new leaf (Video)

DJ Chicken spotted in church after turning new leaf (Video)

Ademola Abiodun, popularly known as DJ Chicken, a controversial Nigerian disc jockey, has taken an unexpected turn in his quest for personal transformation.

The DJ, who had previously been involved in a highly publicized altercation with socialite Abu Abel, seems to be making a conscious effort to amend his ways by embracing religious practices.

DJ Chicken spotted in church after turning new leaf (Video)
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Following the incident that led to him being subjected to a severe beating for alleged disrespectful remarks about Abu Abel, DJ Chicken has been on a journey of self-reflection and redemption.

In his latest act, he was captured attending a white garment church, actively participating in praise and worship while carrying a baby on his back.

The sight of DJ Chicken, a figure often associated with the entertainment industry and party culture, embracing a religious setting surprised both his fans and critics.

However, many have commended his decision, acknowledging that attending church could be a positive step if it signifies a genuine effort on his part to become a better person.

The short clip that captured DJ Chicken’s involvement in the religious ceremony has since circulated widely on social media platforms.

In the video, he can be seen immersed in the spiritual atmosphere, singing hymns and dancing joyously while balancing a baby on his back.

The footage has sparked conversations among netizens, with some expressing surprise, while others have voiced their support for his apparent transformation.

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