“We didn’t have properties at home for fear of destroying them”

“We didn’t have properties at home for fear of destroying them”

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke has opened up on her mental illness disclosing why she and her decided not to keep properties at home.

The screen goddess who suffered a bipolar relapse some time back is now an ambassador for mental illness. She recounted how her husband made sure they didn’t have valuable properties at home for fear of destroying them.

"We didn't have properties at home for fear of destroying them" - Chacha Eke speaks on mental illness
Nollywood actress Chacha Faani Eke. Photo credit

Chacha recounted a horrible incident that happened at the Ritz Hotel in Enugu, when she broke everything, damaged the entire establishment, and reduced her family’s possessions to just what they were wearing.

In her words,

“To be frank if the disorder that I have been battling with didn’t sufficiently disgrace me to the point that it has, chances are I won’t be here championing.

My psychiatrist was my biggest nightmare, I wish I could kill him because it was him for the first time after years of man!c episodes, after years of violence, it was from his mouth I heard the name of what was wrong with me and I was pained.

I felt an ugly experience in Enugu in the Rit Hotel where I smashed everything, wrecked the whole hotel, and reduced everything that my family had to only what we were wearing. I went untreated.

Two years we came to Asaba and I had another manic. This time I wrecked the whole house. It was a habit, at some point we didn’t have house properties because it was only a matter of months before I wreck it.

He took me to FDAH and after some days, he came and gave me the verdict, the diagnosis. I didn’t like taking drugs so I flushed them down the toilet when they discharged me. I had another relapse and they put me back in the hospital”.

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