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Govs devastated by new naira policy because they can’t buy votes again: Sanusi


A former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, claims governors are angry with the new naira policy because they will not be able to buy votes during the February 25 and March 11 elections. 

On Sunday, Mr Sanusi advised would-be voters to disregard the governors and other politicians’ opposition to the naira swap. 

“It is the politicians’ plan to leverage the people’s poor conditions to buy their votes during the election period,” said the former emir of Kano. “That is why they are suffering the most from the naira redesign policy as they will not be able to use the money stolen over all these years to buy the people’s votes, bribe the police, the judges.”

Mr Sanusi added, “Therefore, the naira redesign has affected their plans for the coming election since they cannot bring the money to the open for swapping. Their criticism of the policy is not for the good of Nigerians but for themselves.” 

He stressed that “this election is not about who has more money, political influence, or thuggery. It is about ensuring good governance.”

Source: Peoples Gazette

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