Yemi confronts Thabang about Nelisa and Khosi (Video)

Yemi confronts Thabang about Nelisa and Khosi (Video)

Big Brother Titans housemate, Yemi Cregx confronts his fellow housemate, Thabang about his relationship with Nelisa and khosi.

Yemi and Thabang

Things are happening so fast in the BBTitans house. The drama seems unending as triangles continue to form. Following the party last night, Yemi Cregz is seen having a conversation with Thabang about Nelisa, his partner, and Khosi.


Recall that we reported Thanag and Nelisa’s kiss. After their intimate moment, Nelisa tells Yemi that she saw Thabang jumping on Blue Aiva. As though that was not enough, she catches Khosi in Thabang’s bed minutes after that.

Nelisa narrates her situation to Nana and Yemi in hot tears. Yemi instantly rushes downstairs to confront Thanag to do better.


Watch detailed video below;

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