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Mimiko urges Nigerians to support candidates with pro-masses policies –

Mimiko urges Nigerians to support candidates with pro-masses policies -

A former governor of Ondo, Olusegun Mimiko, has asked Nigerians to elect leaders with pro-masses policies as the country prepares for the 2023 general elections. 

Mr Mimiko said electing the ‘right leaders’ into office would birth good governance and also help bring developmental programmes for the benefit of the people. 

“The best way to ensure that laudable programmes of governments are sustainable is for citizens to elect the right leaders and continue to ask questions from those in office,” the former governor said on Friday at a public lecture held at the University of Benin.

He added, “I charge you to stand up for the truth and support pro-poor policies at different levels.”

Delivering the lecture titled; “Leveraging political commitment for safe motherhood in Nigeria: the example of Ondo state”, Mr Mimiko said citizens must always hold their government accountable. 

He explained that part of the ways government performance could be assessed by the citizens is through the provision of adequate security, qualitative education, and urban and rural development including infant and maternal health care.

The two-term Ondo governor noted that his achievements while in office were as a result of ‘political will’. 

Mr Mimiko specifically observed that the award-winning Abiye Safe Motherhood programme of his administration was conceived due to the high maternal mortality rate inherited when he assumed office. 

“It gives me joy to see that pregnant women, who had no access to quality healthcare, enjoyed top-rated and free health services under our administration in Ondo state. We would not have achieved this without political will,” he said. 

The ex-governor, however, charged political leaders and players to make healthcare a priority as they prepared for next year’s elections.

Source: Peoples Gazette

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